Saturday, October 8, 2011

stuffed in my pockets

photos from the end of a roll, random excerpts of days and mornings and afternoons spent observing.  // september 2011

my father

my friends Miriam and Andrew got me this baby for my birthday ;-)

I am still in my teenage years, (i just turned 19 not-so-long-ago) but this sort of aims to the years that were spent between feelings of ignorance, angst(and so much of it), youthfulness, childishness. To the years spent trying to understand the things around me(without really trying), wanting to be accepted by the masses. The mornings of self consciousness and day-dreams. My scraped knees, and curious limbs. To  my dreamy eyes and insecurities. The days I'd get whisked away so easily by others, my floating to them. The long gazes across hallways and easily-induced butterflies. My rosey cheeks and heavy heart, the things I had still (and still do) to learn. I am looking back on the years of intrigued curiosity, the years full of self consciousness and wanting to be like the others. I can separate myself from these years and look back, because my mind feels different now. I see things differently, I know things differently. I am still that Amanda from those years, but I have evolved and my mind has grown and stretched and It will always do so and that is enough to make me smile from cheek to cheek.

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