Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yellowstone/Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

// mind-blowing beauty, natural, running around like children, gasping, geysers spraying from the ground, walking through clouds, trees, pissing off cliffs, frolicking around red-woods, so much green and forestry, tiny specs of humans within vast spaces of woods and waterfalls, watching the sun set behind the geysers, being in such an amazing and beautiful spot right then and there (in a spot that would forever live on in my memory through a photo or two), being unable to grasp the natural beauty then and now, mosquito filled afternoons, j's by the water, knee-deep in cold cold water, be beary aware, staying in a lodge for free when others were paying thousands, secret travelers, outsiders, melting, dorms, familiar faces, good grins and warm eyes, goodbye society, bundled up, isolated, below blankets of stars, laying and feeling the water lap in waves around me, existentialist freakouts, seeing the mountains outlined in a thin line of light, we are one.

 (leaving Montana:)

Yellowstone National Park:

we spotted a Maurizio Amore in the wild!

Grand Teton National Park:

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