Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seattle, WA

(there was a lot of back and forth traveling)

// big cities, suburban neighborhoods, coffee, university district, shops, limbs brushing past, eyes glazing over, diy, decorative walls, wandering aimlessly, momo and amanda's adventure to the toy store, photoboothin', film developing, GARP, movie night, days filled with nothing and that was okay, shows by the river below the bridge, going to find food, free! food, kind-hearted conversation with an old hispanic woman over coffee, chocolate croissants, baristas knowing my name the second day of my stay (seriously funny), lunch on the stoop, always hanging out, comics, lots of laughter, vintage shops, walking, more walking, house shows, dance parties, cape dancin', we didn't know each other then but we know each other now, observing, appreciating, trips to the grocery store, art contests in the basement, funny situations i'd find myself in, being charmed, synchronized dancing sister duo, going from funny named house to funny named house, dropping my rolleiflex (and hearing the mirror inside shatter), heartbroken trudge to the house, long conversations on a stranger's porch, having my mind blown, secret venues, windows the span of the wall (height-wise)

*we spent one afternoon in Tacoma (don't have any 35mm of that afternoon i think) and we played in a lovely vintage shop/tea den, it was decorated with all sorts of things on the wall and round lamps hanging around - we played for some lovely folks and then met up with our friend Ben and some more folks and went to eat at this little joint. It was a fun evening, certainly well spent! This afternoon also inspired moe to write a song which not long after the rest of us would chant or sing along.

The Funny Button!

taken by Aaron (boy pictured above)

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