Sunday, September 25, 2011

Portland pt. 2

a small one-night trip to visit Parker Fitzgerald / Cody & Kate

pt. 1

we spent some time in a beautiful park, shot a bit, then hung out (Aaron and Mo-Mo were with me!) at Parker's pretty little home - they watched arrested development while we shot.

check out Parker's shots from this little excursion here!

pt. 2

Aaron, Moe and I stayed at Cody's place for the night, where a bonfire ensued followed by red wine and a delicious dinner of salmon/potatoes/corn on the cob. In the morning I made elephant ears for the boys, we headed back to Olympia shortly after.

we made a feast (more like Cody made it and i helped/watched)
portrait i took of him in the early morning (after i made elephant ears for breakfast)

portrait he took of me in the early morning (eating said elephant ears)

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