Friday, September 16, 2011

Portland, OR

// driving into the rain as soon as we hit Oregon, green valleys, lush lush, cliffs, houses on edges, rolling fog, cabins, tire problems, going from warm sun to cloudy mist, cold limbs, fresh air, funny houses, bunny mascot heads, porch sessions, mannerisms, stories, shops, diy, community, helping one another helping others, coffee, vintage shops, fancy sushi bars, street conversations, bouncy bed/trampoline, overpasses, observant confessions, chocolate croissants, bar show, secretly in awe, dancing, big white steps big white funeral home, silly laws, comfy sleeping, dogs sleeping inbetween my limbs, green, plants, photos in the mirrors, top notch vinyl collection, stop motions, powells book store, book wonderland, food truck central, busy people busy city, breathing sidewalks, people-watching, bandannas around necks.

Powell's book store

Irina / house we stayed @ the first night

Luna, what an amazing dog

the funeral home next to the bar we played a show at the second night

taken by Irina

one of Jack's dogs

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