Saturday, September 24, 2011

Olympia, WA

// walking forty-five minutes to a show the night of our first arrival, carnivals, we were strangers but that's okay, submerging yourself into the unknown, chocolate croissants, coffee, book shops, wandering aimlessly, bike rides, chocolate croissant obsession, food co-op, food trips, river-swimin', meeting so many new friends, house shows, the way everything felt different in the best way, acceptance, kind hearted, torn posters plastering walls, remnants of others, in the morning and afternoon and all the time, morning dresses, morning cigarettes on a damp patio, black garfield, hard wood floors, couches, tip-toeing, playing in the water, avocados, hearty breakfasts, upset stomachs, good intentions, over-stepping, epiphanies  everywhere, lack of self-consciousness, happy, days spent doing nothing, meeting other people who give you a lot of hope for humans, cute decorations,picnics on front lawns, plays in the woods, evening enchantment, childish curiosities, helping hands, sly grins and smirks, colors, dancing light, always something fun, caring, green.

*I had such a damn amazing time in Olympia, i met soo many wonderfully talented, goodhearted folks (that I was usually just to shy to say much to) and it felt so good to be surrounded by them. I have never felt such a lack of self-consciousness and acceptance from a community of once-strangers. I think most of the NW has that effect on people.

bike adventures with Jacob (a friend from Ohio who was visiting the same time we were!)

@K Records pt. 1

@K Records pt.2

just hanging out, having some coffee.

part of my coming and going series / olympia, Wa edition.

photo: Kelli

our last morning in Olympia

goodbye brunch

A midsummer night's dream pt 1

A midsummer night's dream pt2

*IMPORTANT NOTE: the house pictured in the last seven images is as of this past Monday gone. It was caught on fire and everything was lost (these guys had so many valuables and gems) - they all made it out a-okay thankfully but at this point they are accepting donations for things they might need, click through here to give a helping hand!

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