Sunday, September 25, 2011

Missoula, Montana.

 // long drives, vast open spaces, dust, mountains on the border, purple dusk, shades of green, ritzville, middle-of-nowhere, disorientation, small towns, gold, yellow, light, funny hotels, funny strangers, playing in the water, sun-gazing, watching the sunset behind the train tracks by the mountains, good morals and ideas, lavish green, the most colorful sunset in so long, standing around by myself just staring, long nights, friendly strangers, awesome supermarkets, breakfast shopping, coffee in the morning, heat heat heat.

On our trip to Missoula, driving through eastern Washington was kind of eerie and just so vast and dusty (in a beautiful way). It was kind of all in-the-middle-of-nowhere I remember falling asleep and waking up to the car parking, I had no clue where we were and didn't really care to ask so I just followed the gang inside this little shopping center. I just remember being so completely disoriented (happily) and giggly.Idaho was also just a small sliver of land, we stopped to play in the water and let our limbs stretch for a bit.

ritzville, one and only motel we stayed in the entire trip!

i couldn't help but stare at that heart-meltingly cute bare headed child on the left :')

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