Sunday, September 25, 2011

Aurora/Omaha, Nebraska.

*we played in Laramie before Nebraska but right now I only have digital images from there so that will wait.We played in a really lovely coffee shop with nice baristas, though!

// familiar, home away from home, small-town, history, father, relatives, clean colors, wood, our blood, helpful, fields upon fields of long, swaying corn, generous, sleeping in a real bed, comfort, noticing the similarities, half comedian half musician, last show of the tour, exhausted and worn but happy, overwhelming happiness and appreciation, late dinners and hearty breakfasts, family trees, flat nebraska, from one family to another.

My (and my sister's) time in Nebraska was especially special because we stayed with relatives (in two separate towns) who we rarely get to see. It was so nice and different to be able to spend time with our aunts, uncles and cousins. Seriously so heartwarming, and their generosity and helpfulness made me so appreciative of them and having had the chance to spend some time with them. I get real choked up just thinking about it, we're both so lucky to be related to such amazing folks.
(I have no 35mm images from Omaha, polaroids & digital & eventually 120 will follow)

my cousin's beautiful dog, Apollo

my aunt

Aurora, NE

the house my father grew up in

part of my coming and going series

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