Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anacortes, WA (what the heck fest/mikrofest)

What the Heck Fest / Mikrofest

Somewhere I read a dead-on depiction of What The Heck fest "Enlightening Communal Experience Heavily Rooted in the Mysterious Geography That Surrounds Anacortes, WA"

// fast car rides with the same people, same car, different region of the United States, clouds, arriving just in time for dinner, buffet, feasts, music while we eat, light filling white rooms, long dinner tables, friendly strangers everywhere, eccentric, port-house, dance parties, hearing waves then seeing them through the cracks in the wood floor boards below your feet, piƱata bashing, stop motions, string lights, vendors, friendly coffee people, silly smiles, wandering with no real intent, sitting out by the water, orange lights mixed with blue skies, mountains afar, mist, ginormous ships, dark abyss, tent parties, the lighter game, hazy laughs, shhhshing, quiet filled, groggy mornings, green walks, days spent below the sun wandering from spot to spot, friendship trail, personal, musicians in every corner, on your yard your street that tree that dock, coffee and cigarettes, intimate gatherings of kind-of familiar faces, lack of self consciousness, acceptance, feeling more than okay about yourself, mist green, cold feet, sleeping in corners, enlightening communal experience, between the peaks, secret lands, roaming, swimming, shipwreck day, self love, appreciation, run-ins at the supermarket, wine in the dark, ferries, staring through square windows, feeling a dark roar below our feet, watching the boat carry all of it's weight, wind-swept hair, muffled shouts, quality left-overs, meeting new people, smores, beers around the campire, open mic all night long, stumbling in the woods over roots and tree trunks, laughing so hard and good (god damn he was and is so funny though, really) with a stranger, jokes under our breath, sleepy drunks, funny games late hours of the night, waking up to see everyone gone, morning crepes in the middle of the woods.

Anacortes, Washington.

Calvin Johnson

just jumpin' around on the steps


pt. 2 
cloudy skies

mikrofest '11

Ed :-)

on the ferry back from Whidbey Island


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