Saturday, August 27, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

(day 5 of 5 states in 5 days was Tucson, but the visit was arrive, play, sleep, leave so i didn't have time to shoot any film - digital images will follow in later blog posts)

// all sorts of wonderful animals, blue day rooms, sleeping in beds, nap tents, street-long garage sales, wandering around, hookah in a hardwood floor tent, helpful strangers, fast city with day dreamers on the outskirts in the hills, fighting sleep, Homesick Elephant, dragging ourselves to the top of a valley and watching the sun rise in awe, sing-alongs, being tired and cold but feeling so damn good,  long talks, gold light, thrift store hunting, important moments, relaxing, instruments, music talk, delicious food.

*The night we played a show, I left my camera bag (containing all of my cameras) at the bar we played at. By the time I realized it, the bar had already closed. Sara sent out a few emails and worked her magic, the next day i was able to pick up my bag (untouched) at a lovely cafe down the street from the bar. I was so damn lucky and everyone was so helpful and kind.

at the little place Kevin took us to for lunch (so good)


there are a lot of digital images from L.A that I will post later on.

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