Monday, August 29, 2011

Highway 1 / Big Sur / S.F

// 1/101 highway up the coast, busy city, bikes, geometric, lunch in a spanish cafe, meeting e-friends, cool stickers, dark rides through windy roads, noticing the weather change as we went farther up mountains, holding my breath, the ocean looking like a dark abyss, weaving through mountains, watching the light filter through the trees, isolation, indescribable, staring at the redwoods out the window, feeling so good in the mountains, library in the woods, letting my eyes linger, camping up in the mountains, teeth-brushing over drops of land, morning hike with the girls, feeling surreal, weird but amazingly beautiful pit stop towns on the coast, blankets upon blankets of stars, constant roll, feasts for my eyes, uncomfortable but happy, big cities, yay!
polaroid version

Big Sur, CA

morning hike
Big Sur, CA

polaroid version

just barely missed the water / polaroid

Off the side of highway 1 up the coast of California / Polaroid
rhiannon and nicol during our fancy lunch in a spanish cafe
the cafe

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