Monday, August 29, 2011

Highway 1 / Big Sur / S.F

// 1/101 highway up the coast, busy city, bikes, geometric, lunch in a spanish cafe, meeting e-friends, cool stickers, dark rides through windy roads, noticing the weather change as we went farther up mountains, holding my breath, the ocean looking like a dark abyss, weaving through mountains, watching the light filter through the trees, isolation, indescribable, staring at the redwoods out the window, feeling so good in the mountains, library in the woods, letting my eyes linger, camping up in the mountains, teeth-brushing over drops of land, morning hike with the girls, feeling surreal, weird but amazingly beautiful pit stop towns on the coast, blankets upon blankets of stars, constant roll, feasts for my eyes, uncomfortable but happy, big cities, yay!
polaroid version

Big Sur, CA

morning hike
Big Sur, CA

polaroid version

just barely missed the water / polaroid

Off the side of highway 1 up the coast of California / Polaroid
rhiannon and nicol during our fancy lunch in a spanish cafe
the cafe

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Los Angeles, CA

(day 5 of 5 states in 5 days was Tucson, but the visit was arrive, play, sleep, leave so i didn't have time to shoot any film - digital images will follow in later blog posts)

// all sorts of wonderful animals, blue day rooms, sleeping in beds, nap tents, street-long garage sales, wandering around, hookah in a hardwood floor tent, helpful strangers, fast city with day dreamers on the outskirts in the hills, fighting sleep, Homesick Elephant, dragging ourselves to the top of a valley and watching the sun rise in awe, sing-alongs, being tired and cold but feeling so damn good,  long talks, gold light, thrift store hunting, important moments, relaxing, instruments, music talk, delicious food.

*The night we played a show, I left my camera bag (containing all of my cameras) at the bar we played at. By the time I realized it, the bar had already closed. Sara sent out a few emails and worked her magic, the next day i was able to pick up my bag (untouched) at a lovely cafe down the street from the bar. I was so damn lucky and everyone was so helpful and kind.

at the little place Kevin took us to for lunch (so good)


there are a lot of digital images from L.A that I will post later on.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Day 4 of 6 states in 6 days,

// heat, more vast open space, skies forever, red suns, adobe huts, clay, cats, losing things, crying in the dust filled valleys below sun surrounded by the bluest water i had seen in so long, feeling lost, missing, feeling like a boss, technology, pasta, sitting on wood floors in our sleeping bags, dawn, cats, yawning, achy bones, home made, respectable, yips and yelps, open minded, sunflowers, serious change of scenery, cacti, friendly, thoughtful,conversations, jokes, fourth of july, ye-haw, fires, dry dry dry.

Lunch stop on the pier

Nicol on the pier

Polaroid version

We finally made it to Albuquerque:



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amarillo, Texas

 Day 3 of 5 states in 5 days.

// dry, lightning, colors, night time, caffeine, smoke rooms, IDC, accents, twangs, worn faces, silly videos, laughing, more laughing, wine, mixed expectations, morning coffee, sleepless night, creative juices, snooping, sleepover, sleeping bag parties, vast open spaces, cloud parties, wearing our fuck yeah america clothes.

On the way to Amarillo

lounge room

nicol and rhiannon / morning we left
Photos of me by others: Moritz

before leaving Texas, we had two things to do 1)Go to a Waffle House and get breakfast but more importantly smoke cigarettes inside 2)Cadillac Ranch. We took the advice of a friendly young townsperson and stopped by Cadillac Ranch on the way out. It was this row of Cadillacs face down into the ground out in the middle of nowhere. 

Moe and I lovin' it

before we left Texas / Polaroid
Cadillac Ranch / Polaroid

Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Day 2 of 5 states in 5 days.

// suburban neighborhoods, empty downtowns, big diners, light pouring in through windows, fun bar shows, meeting new people, green/gold, porch time, so many wonderful sleeping in an actual bed, watching kittens jump around, pets, pretty interiors, biker fox (whom we try to forget), conversations, golden light spilling everywhere, beautiful faces, hearty breakfasts.

meet Kitler

we watched this kitten jump from item to item in the bedroom

the diner we ate at the morning we left, sooo hearty and good!

(I took these three in contribution to a collection of once strangers portraits this summer):